XJ - TJ Jeep Combo Bracket Upgrade Kit

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    XJ-TJ Jeep Combo Bracket Upgrade Kit

    We have designed a solution for JEEP XJ or TJ owners with the D30 coil suspension setup. The stock brackets are thin and likely to bend, dent and possibly tear right off of the axle tube with enough stress. Our Jeep Ultimate bracket combines the coil mounts, shock mounts, trac-bar mount and link mounts, all into one easy to configure system. All of the critical locations are left stock so that original parts or aftermarket parts from other companies will fit without ill effects on ride height or suspension geometry. Are you planning to do an axle swap to a D44 or perhaps a D60? We offer the option to upgrade your axle tube diameter to accommodate most sizes of axles without changing the overall geometry of your suspension. Link brackets are offset to 5 degrees. Also features an adjustable trackbar mounting width to accommodate larger than stock rod ends and bushings.
    Brackets are cut from .250" steel. Brackets do not come welded, but do include jigged pieces for easy assembly. Coil retainers included.