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Shock Eyelet Conversion Tabs

Excellent product. Made really well and quick shipping.

Stylin' while Wheelin'

Great fit and a cool look. ...and it matches my Ballistic diff covers!

Thanks for repping!

Leaf Spring Perch

Leaf Spring Perch

Service and quality Top notch

Service provider Joel and team are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Ballistic joints are top quality and will recommend to anyone.

Heavy Duty

I used the 3/4โ€ version of these to make my transmission crossmember and couldnโ€™t be happier with the result. the steel sleeves are thick and durable and the bushings are too. Plus, replacement bushings are available when I need to replace them years down the road. awesome product from an awesome company.

Tube Flange 2-Bolt Design

good product

Received good help from staff when ordering and got exactly what I was looking for

Billet Threaded Stud


super clean exactly what i ordered ballistic makes fabrication jobs easy!

Great parts and Service

I ordered my 3/4 Heim came on time and work great for my steering shaft supports


these mounts are awesome because they donโ€™t raise the shock mount any higher off the axle than it needs to be, maximizing the shock travel and minimizing the amount of space taken up on the axle tube. they fit perfectly over the contour of the knuckle/axle connection and are PLENTY thick enough to not worry about bending under load.

Trick tab

I would like to see a tab the same but thicker and larger. Like a transfer case mount size.

MXM-12 Midwest Control Chromoly 3/4 in Rod End

Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing 2.63 in



Tube Clamp

I bought this to do some trial and error stuff and was surprised at the quality for the price, I felt a little bad about hacking and welding on this. Now that trial and mostly error is finished I'm ready to order another, good stuff!

Ballistic 34/78 Optima Battery Box

Brackets and tabs

Great product fast shipping

Dodge coil over tower

Things are sweet. Made my job easy


Huge well made joints

Universal Dana 50 / 60 Differential Cover / Magnetic Drain Plug


Nicely made brackets,could have described dimensions with more measurements,I will cut them in half to narrow them no problem,will buy from you again

2002 TJ build

I got this bracket kit within a week, and the parts are heavy duty and should hold up well . Will be installing the 8.8 in the next week or two.

Ballistic Poly Bushing 2.63 in w/ Weldable Housing