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Pure Beef shock mount

It was what I wanted but I did have to make it work. it wasn't close to a direct fit but if you have the ability to customize a bit you can make it fix and it is a great solution for a problem on the JK front axles

Shock Reservoir Clamp
Kirk (Stockbridge, US)
Great product bad customer service

Product is great. The issue I have is the lack of communication on the order progress. No tracking information was ever sent. 3-4 weeks pass and I called and spoke to someone at the shop. Said they would call the manufacture (I thought ballistic made these?) and send me an email with tracking. That never happened. The following week I called again and was told they would send the tracking and it was going out that day. tracking provided. The clamps did show up and they fit my king 2.5 reservoir coilovers to 1.75 DOM chassis with out any issues. If you can wait a month+ these will work great for you.

Single Poly Bushing with DOM Sleeve
Chris R. (Lancaster, US)
Premium Bushing Joint

Best bushing joint I’ve ever used. High quality, tight tolerances and love the grease channels in the poly bushing itself.

Billet Threaded Stud
Chris R. (Lancaster, US)
Awesome Product

Allows you to custom build whatever configuration of busing joint you want. You can’t go wrong with anything from Ballistic Fab.

Axle tube shock bracket
Eron R. (Norco, US)

Ordered these to get my truck back to 100% and had a local welder put them on. They are amazing study and have held up well.

Dana 44 Differential Cover
Kyle D. (Duncan, CA)
d44 cover

Well to add to my previous comment this thing is super beefy and very well made but unfortunately this cover will NOT work with factory steering might work with high steer. They do state that it might not work with some steering setups but I honestly figured it would work in a stock rig. So now I need to figure out if I want to try a different steering setup or go with a different diff cover. I would still highly recommend this product just make sure to check clearances before ordering. Keep up the good work making awesome products

OD Tube Clamp w/ Mounting Tab
Shawn C. (San Diego, US)
A thing of beauty

Bought a set of OD Tube Clamps to connect belts to a harness bar, works perfectly and the clamps are gorgeous too!

Spanner Wrench for 2.63 in Ballistic Joint

High misalignment

Great quality pieces as with everything ever bought from yall

Tube Flange 2-Bolt Design
david e. (Grand Ledge, US)
Awesome product

Quick shipping and their support staff are top notch

Billet Steel Tube Spikes
Pinks (El Paso, US)
Simply great

Amazing spikes adds uniqueness and style

Multi-Purpose Tabs
Brandon D. (Columbus, US)

Multi-Purpose Tabs


This thing is a beast, the welds alone are simply beautiful. I spray painted it with a clear high temp paint to prevent rusting. Not sure if it will rust or not but don’t want to ruin its appearance.

Long shock mounts

I ordered these long shock mounts to replace broken ones on rear of my 1986 k30. Great product , perfect fit after welding on rear axle .

Shock Eyelet Conversion Tabs
Ryan W. (Palm Harbor, US)
THIS is what I was looking for

Thick steel. No messing around here, boys. This'll hold up. Get you some.

Adjustable Shock Towers (Pair)
Myron K. (Kimberley, CA)
Strong mounts

I had to cut, shorten and add a brace just above the shock bolt. But I’m using this for a coilover mount in my mud race truck. I’ve had some rough runs and caught air several times, they hold up just fine.

Machined surface could be better

For the price I paid in more picky then if I’d have bought a motobuilt cover. The machined surface is not perfectly flat. I mean it’s better than them not doing it at all but it’s not perfectly flat. They took down the high spots and everything down to a point, but all the spots that pulled back or sucked in during welding didn’t get machined as they would have had to machine more off and other surfaces wouldn’t have been at thick. In all though it’s bad ass and the welds look perfect

Forged Chromoly 2.0 in Ballistic Joint
Michael C. (Bakersfield, US)
Rebuildable Flex Joint

I ordered this flex joint for one of my customers' exo-rack on his jeeps. It was connected to the jeep by regular heim joints. Somewhere along the the joint had gone bad...after hours of research I found the "Ballistic Fab rebuildable flex joint." Matched the thread count and the shank diameter. When I received this part I knew it was the right choice. It's mean and beautiful at the same time. Customer loved it and so did I.

Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing 2.63 in
Weylin B. (West Hartford, US)
Great Product

Like all Ballistic items...well made, high quality, fast shipping. Always a pleasure doing business with them.

Fits kinda.. not really at all

I've got multiple Ford 76-79 year ranges, wedges have been removed on some, even those they didn't line up at all, and would need major work with a flap wheel, more work than just making cardboard stencils and making my own. Only reason I didn't is because of the attractive price points.

Bar clamps worked great for my spare tire rack platform.

Great product

Great quality, having it pre ground saved alot of time and headaches

Adjustable Coil Buckets (Pair)
Scott S. (Denver, US)
Great for my SAS

I used these for my sas s10. So far I like the adjustability. I have some clearance issues on the top of my frame so I mounted the L bracket upside down to hook the bottom of the frame. Also I figured this would provide more load bearing.


Excellent as always!!! if you would like great fitment great customer service shop ballistic!!! Maybe someone can talk them into making a reasonably price brake kit or hub swap for rockwells PLEASE.

Tie rods

Good product and price.Fast shipping!