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Great mount

Just needs paint

Good question !

I’d love to rate these joints but I’ve been patiently waiting for several months on the high steer arm to put it together ! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Worked as needed

These were the closest I could find to what I needed, so I cut the tabs off them, and they worked for what I needed them to.

2 covers actually.

The welds look fantastic. Very beefy differential cover. I love the fluid drain holes. They are quality. Will out last the life of the vehicle.

Great product!

The axle tube shock mounts are fabricated to perfection! Great fit and well made. Will definitely be ordering more products!

87 YJ Dana 30 Cover Has a hidden option

The Dana 30 is awesome looking.
However, I ordered mine online per the vehicle identifier.
Come to find out the item would not work with stock steering set up.
After contacting a sales representative I was informed there was another cover with a shallow design that allows stock steering.
There was no option or indication of this set up.
I was asked to return the original cover at my own expense $42, then when returned I would receive a 10% discount on the correct cover and would be credited the difference.
I feel It was thru no fault of mine for receiving the incorrect item when no way of knowing in advance it wouldn’t work.
I believe it would be good business to credit my return freight, still apply the 10% discount and ship the new correct cover free.
I appreciate your consideration
Thank you

Ballistic Fab Diff cover

Heavy duty cover. Looks awesome, I have no doubt it can take some hits. Had to enlarge the hole that allows access to the fill plug, and cut a notch in the bottom to act as a drain, but other than that is was a straightforward install.

Love the peace absolute good quality real nice welding although had some engine issues so I have not had a chance to get out back yet and get it installed I'm actually thinking about getting it powder-coated trying to select a color

Reservior Clamp

Excellent machining. Excellent fit and finish.

Great product

Excellent & Easy

Just installed my 11.5 truss. Easy, no issues and great craftsmanship. Everything fit perfectly.

Precision made.

Quality materials and made to specifications.

Multi-Pattern 8 Lug Spare Tire Mounting Plate

Fantastic idea

I was having the toughest time coming up with a way to have a quick release mount for my rzr harnesses. These mounts worked perfectly to give me a way to locate the eyelet on my roll cage. Great quality and even better price

Killer bumper for a killer price!

After searching for a reasonably priced and well build bumper for months i ran across this beauty, shipping was quick and the quality is excellent! And for the same price as the cheap no name chinesium bumpers on amazon.

Take the bolts out of the picture. Decieving, thought the hardware came with it. A bit pricey without hardware. They are good clamps and do the job well.

Excellent customer service

Excellent service and excellent quality on material

Great product

The bushing are great quality I used them to build a set of traction bars. The bushings having grease grooves is great so they won't start squeaking and get even distribution of grease.

Ballistic Novelty Letter Opener


The quality is just amazing!


Talk about gnarly.

Shock Tabs (2 pieces)

Fast and easy

I wish I would have found this place earlier got what I needed it was fast and easy !

FJ80 Rear Diff Armor And Skid Plate
For the price it should fit much tighter.

It’s nice, and it’s kinda close but needs more r&d...

If you plan on running the factory parking brake and brake bias thing in the original locations that’s not happening. No biggie, but extra work to factor in for relocation.

The armor itself will take a lot of manipulating. It wasn’t bent square or consistently. It’s off left to right, the tabs don’t land on the housing. And the reliefs for the factory “truss” material are not anywhere close. It was a good attempt and at half the price I’d give it more stars. I expected to have to work it some, but I expected a better fit for the price I paid.

Effective letter opener.

Sturdy piece and can open cardboard boxes too. This is NOT a knife this is more of a office desk supply/equipment for the everyday pencil pushing person at a desk doing office work, but now my letter opener is mysteriously disappearing for everyone else's use around the office. Cool conversational piece to yak about in the boring office environment. I would buy again for a gift and to have another at home.