Ballistic 34/78 DUAL SHORT Optima Battery Box

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    Ballistic 34/78 DUAL SHORT Optima Battery Box
    Secure Your Battery the Right Way
    The Ballistic 34/78 Dual Short Optima Battery Box is perfect for safely mounting two 34/78 Optima batteries side-by-side. Cut from 1/8" steel on our in-house laser and bent on our in-house press brake, this battery box will add some style to your battery without breaking the bank. This box not only clamps over the top to secure the battery but also includes side tabs which the battery slides over for maximum protection against side-to-side movement. This battery box includes Pemnuts pre-installed as well as hardware.  It does not include the hardware required to mount it to your vehicle.
    Whats Included
    Unpainted Battery Box
    Pemnuts with Hardware
    Interior 1/4" Spacer