Steering Kit Chevy Tie Rod Ends

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    This Kit Includes:
    Y-link kit: 4 7/8"-18 Chevy tie rod ends
    (x1 es2033L, x1 es2027L, x2 es2234R)
    Crossover kit: 4 7/8"-18 Chevy tie rod ends
    (x1 es2234L, x1 es2027L, x2 es2234R)
    • 4 Tube adapters for rod-ends machined from 1020 DOM steel
    •  One 1.5"OD .250" wall tube for drag-link 50" long
    •  One 1.5" OD.250" wall tube for tie-rod 58" long
    • 4 Jam nuts (two left hand and two right hand thread)
     Note: the es2027L is a drag link end and has a different taper than the other Tie Rod ends. It is intended for mounting on a pitman arm but will require further reaming of any stock pitman arm to fit. The reamer used for the standard TRE's (1.5 inches/foot) will work to ream out the pitman arm but will require a deeper reaming.
    Custom length PRE-WELDED kits available, please call the shop for pricing and ordering instructions.