Simple Steel Beadlock

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Simple Steel Beadlock
For the Do It Yourselfer
Weld on steel beadlock made from .250" plate. Hole diameter is 3/8". This product is designed to be welded to the inside of the inner lip of the steel rim and is to be welded only be a qualified welder.

Bead Locks are Built To Order and Do Not Qualify for 48 Hour Shipping Guarantee.

1 Week Lead Time On All Orders. Call for Custom Designs
NOTE: This product is intended for off road use only.
What's Included
  • One(1) Inner and One(1) Outer Ring

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best DIY beadlock

Great set up this is my fourth set most other companies use 3/16 steel ballistic uses 1/4

Steel beadlocks

Ordered the simple steel beadlocks. Delivered very timely. The fit was excellent. Very happy.

Beadlock DIY rings

I purchased a set of 5 DIY weld in beadlock rings a while back. My stock CJ wheels were in good working condition with all the lips being straight. The quality of the rings is excellent and every matching hole is burr free and spot on for alignment. Set about centering them into the wheel and tacked them into place. Once I had 3" hot beads around the rings , I burned them on with them on a rotating platform I had made . After years of use with no issues I can say this is one of the best investments Ive put into my Jeep. Im able to go single digits without worry. I was able to go 3lbs and not ever lost a bead. There is slight coning at the outter ring after 3 /4 years but I just invert them every winter to keep it a minimum . I have recommended them to several people and they are quite happy. Thanks for helping me get into this stage of wheeling without breaking the bank.


the simple steel beadlocks from Ballistic were a breeze to install, leak free on first try and still holding. Took them out to Johnson Valley this weekend and beat them severely on some of the Hammer trails - still holding pressure. Awesome buy !!!


i just bought a set of these weld on beadlocks and haven't had a problem yet, offrod or on the perform well.