Lower Axle Link Brackets Wrap Around Design

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    Lower Axle Link Brackets
    CNC Laser Cut and Press Formed
    4 link or 3 link lower link axle mount kits: Includes 2 link bracket kits to complete one axle. Plates 'self-jig' and are designed for ease of installation and allow for plenty of welding surface area. Wrap around extension designed to be hammered to contour the axle tube. Recommend grinding the wrap around extension to a taper for best fitment, but not required. 1/4 " steel. Available for 2.5", 3.0", 3.25" and 3.5" axle tubes.

    All 2.63" Mounting Width have 9/16" hole.

    All 3.0" Mounting Width have a 3/4" hole.
    What's Included
    Two (2) Brackets