Jeep TJ 8.8 in Ford axle swap kit

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    Ford 8.8 Axle Swap Kit For Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ
    Tired of Broke C-Clips and Bent Axles?
    Time to swap out that tired, old Dana 35 axle under your Jeep TJ or LJ Wrangler? Look no further, our swap kit includes all of the brackets and tabs to turn your 8.8" Ford Explorer axle into a drop in swap.
    This kit includes everything to replace your link mount points, coil buckets, anti sway-bar connections and trac-bar mount.
    The most commonly swapped 8.8" axle is the Ford Explorer rear differential. This will give you the same jeep bolt pattern, larger axle tubes, disk brakes (1995 and newer), 31 spline shafts, and a trac-loc differential. Be sure to compare your gears against the 3.73:1 gear ratio that comes in the Ford axle from the factory and adjust accordingly. 
    Kit uses factory mounting widths and locations for all mounting points.
    What's Included
    • Sixteen (16) Piece Ford 8.8" Axle Swap Kit
    • coil bucket requires 1/2 20 TPI bolt, length varies on what spring is used. 


    Customer Reviews

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    8.8 axle bracket conversion kit ZJ

    The brackets are very well made shipping time was very quick and this kit will fit the zj's from 93 to 98 for the 8.8 Ford Explorer axle thank you guys very much.

    Excelent Kit

    I bought this kit back in the spring and had it installed in no time. This kit was very straightforward with simple reasoning skills and technical know how. I have run this kit and the Ford 8.8 in my Jeep TJ for about a half of a year and absolutely LOVE it.

    Ford 8.8 to the swap kit

    Awesome kit, all the brackets are .25” thick and beefy. All brackets index’d Nicely together. Still haven’t finished the swap yet so I’m relying on the awesome instructions for measurements and location. So far everything looks great! Great product guys!


    The reason I gave 2 stars is because of the following problems: the mount for the shocks is too narrow, I had to spend half an hour grinding the brackets just to be able to slide in the shocks, the other problem is related to the track bar mount, I assembled the 2 pieces on the track bar and there is a gap of 3 mm, before the metal touches, it has to be filled before being able to weld it, and make it a solid mount.

    Hi there Luigi! Thanks for the input and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. We are very particular about the tolerances that we maintain. Could you send us the dimensions of the interference in the shock mount? As far as the gap on the trac bar mount, we will investigate the cause of this issue and report.

    Jeep TJ 8.8 in Ford axle swap kit