Jeep Billet upper control arm tower with 3/4" Uniball Conversion Kit

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    Tired of wearing out those upper control arm bushings? Have you bent the bracket, reinforced and bent it again? Need more articulation from the axle end joints?

    CNC Machined from billet 1.0" thick cold rolled steel, the link tower accepts our proprietary 3/4" Uniball conversion cup or a factory bushing if that's the feel you're after!

    This kit includes two 3/4 "Uniball cup assemblies, one for each upper control arm axle pivot. You'll never eat up a bushing again, and the articulation capacity of the joint increases from a couple of degrees to an overall 40 degrees! This will save your suspension by eliminating suspension bind.

    Mounting width 2.0" with 1/2" bolt hole bore

    Height from top of tube (2.5" diameter) to eyelet of joint = 4.375"

    Confirmed fitment with JK, JKU, XJ, TJ, WJ... other applications have yet to be confirmed.

    What's included -

    One (1) - Billet Link Tower (JEEP-1805-A)

    One (1) -  .250" thick laser cut and CNC formed tower gusset (JEEP-1805-C)

    Two (2) - Uniball Cups (JEEP-1805-B)

    Two (2) - 3/4" Uniball bearings (UNI-932)

    Four (4) - 3/4" to 1/2" 303 Stainless Steel High Misalignment Spacers (HMS-1805)

    Two (2) - External Snap Rings (MAT-301 #93633A412)

    Two (2) - Internal Snap Rings (MAT-302 #91985A211)

    Two (2) - Gr. 8 1/2"-20 Bolt kits


    Complete installation instructions coming soon, but here's some tips -

    1). Heating of factory Driver side bushing casting may be required as well as mild cooling of the uniball assembly in order to acheive the required press fit while installing the unit while the axle remains on the vehicle.

    2). Factory bolts are upgraded from 7/16" to 1/2", so if you're planning on using your original upper control arm clasps you'll need to drill them out to 1/2" to accommodate the larger bolt. 

    3). The 10 degree triangulated offset is built into the bracket already, but you'll need to ensure that the bracket is clocked properly on the axle tube and matches the driver side mount on top of the pumpkin.