D44001CL / D44001CR HD D44 Chevy Flat Top Knuckle L & R

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Reid Racing HD Dana 44 Flat Top Knuckles
  • Chevy/Jeep spindle bolt pattern accepts "outers" from all open knuckle Chevy and Jeep Dana 44, Dana 30, and 10-bolt front ends to 1986
  • Cast from high strength ductile iron
  • Beefed up with extra material and ribbing
  • Flat tops machined and drilled for high steer arms
  • 4th bolt hole for high steer arms increases clamping force and sheer strength (3 hole high steer arms still fit)
  • 3/8" thickness added to flat top of the knuckle for high steer tie rod to leaf spring clearance
  • Cast-in DUAL steering stops eliminate bent stop bolts that can cause u-joint and axle failures
  • Tapered tie rod holes accept factory tie rod ends
  • Tie rod holes can be drilled to accept 3/4" heim ends
  • Powder coated bright orange for long lasting looks
  • Interchangeable with all factory and aftermarket Dana 44 components
  • Fully machined and ready for installation
  • Machined to clear CTM u-joints without removing the grease fittings
  • Tie rod hole is tapered from the top to the bottom
  • Available in "armless" design. "Armless" design comes from customer requests; reduces weight, provides clearance when stock steering arms are no longer needed.  
C's for off-road use only. There is no warranty on this product. Choose from right or left sides. Will fit 10-bolt and early Dana 30 axles with minor modification.
Model D44001CL (left)
Model D44001CR (right)

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