Forged Chromoly 2.63 in Ballistic Joint

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    The Only Joint on the Market with a Lifetime Warranty*
    100% Machined In the U.S.
    Using Domestic and Imported Materials
    All Ballistic Joints ship Fully Assembled!
    The 2.63" Forged Chromoly Ballistic Joint is made to be the ultimate in durability and ease of use.  The Ballistic Joint has been manufactured and designed for military use and quality!  Our forgings are made from 4140 chromoly steel, which is nearly twice as strong as the 1045 mild steel steel used in competitive joints.
    Using a proprietary Polyurethane Race designed and produced by Prothane as well as a 303 Stainless Steel bearing; the Ballistic Joints are smooth, longer lasting and quieter than ever.  The 2.63" Ballistic Joint uses no snap rings to retain the races; instead a retainer is forged into the housing and on the opposite side of the Ballistic Joint it uses a 303 Stainless steel threaded spanner nut and set screw for the strongest hold available, an industry first!
    The Ballistic Joint housing is forged from solid 4140 chromoly steel and the forging is then quenched, tempered and normalized in a dedicated heat treating facility. This process provides a yield strength of up to 208,000 psi and a tensile strength of up to 238,000 psi.
    Material has been added to the grease zerk/set screw area to add greater resistance to splitting, making this issue virtually non-existent!  Any play that might develop over time can be removed simply by adjusting the stainless steel spanner nut for a nearly infinite lifespan.  
    All forged joints are clear (silver) zinc coated. When combined with the stainless steel bearing and spanner nut, this joint will be around for your next build as well.
    These joints were designed to be a drop-in replacement for lower control arms on TJ/XJ Jeeps using the 9/16" bore.  They are also available in a 5/8" bore for added reliability and versatility.  For those seeking a 3/4" bore, check out our 3.0" Ultra Duty Ballistic Joint.
    The Ballistic Joint is fully rebuildable and is the strongest joint on the market offering 30 degrees of total misalignment with a 9/16" ball.

    Choose the 2.375 ball option for direct replacement for the joints on a 3rd gen Dodge Ram 2500/3500 pickup.
    What's Included
    • Fully Assembled 2.63" Forged Ballistic Joint
    Additional Options
    • Thru Hole Size: 9/16", 5/8" or 9/16" with 2.375" Mounting Width
    • Shank Size: 7/8", 1.0" or 1.25"
    • Thread Direction: Right or Left Hand
    Warranty Information
    • Lifetime Warranty on 1.25" and 1.0" shank housings against breakage.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Polyurethane Races with one free replacement.
    Joints with 7/8" or 3/4" shanks carry no warranty.
    After first use we highly recommend readjusting spanner nuts. We also recommend using blue Loctite on the set screw after adjustment.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Great ballistic joint

    I was tired of replacing my BDS joint. Their design was weak with the c-clip. So ordered ballistic Fabs and can not be happier. The design is far superior and is better to perform maintenance on.

    Service and quality Top notch

    Service provider Joel and team are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Ballistic joints are top quality and will recommend to anyone.


    Excellent product and customer service!

    2.63 Ballistic Joint

    These things are beefy! I ordered the 1" 2.63 joint and they are just massive chunks of Chromoly! I don't see myself breaking these at any point. Great product thanks a lot. Also very fast shipping and very nicely packaged. I don't think they need to use so many packing peanuts, but i guess they use those so that these joints don't damage other peoples mail while in transport.

    Link Suspension

    I ordered the 2.63 Ballistic Joints for link ends, Heim joints for pan hard bar, brackets and tabs for a 3 link front and 4 link rear, a truss for Toyota IFS rear, 4 bolt tabs for roll cage and Tabs to mount ORI struts. Haven't officially started my build yet, but have dry fitted everything and they fit great, very robust, well engineered and so far the fitment looks to be well within tolerances. Outstanding products, great service and they're very accessible when I had questions and asked for advice. 10/10