FORD Front Dana 60 Truss

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FORD Front Dana 60 Truss
This truss system is designed for 4-link capability on a front FORD Dana 60 high pinion axle from '72-'86 with 2.875" inches of axle tube on the driver side. This truss allows an easy way to mount links on an otherwise rarely linked axle. The boxed .250" plate provides maximum strength for the most hardcore wheelers. The top plate is cut from 3/8" plate for maximum strength. This truss closely contours the shape of the differential for a low profile link mounting system.
Note: Some small modifications along the profile may be necessary due to the differences/irregularities in castings for '72-'86 Ford Dana 60's. Does not fit SuperDuty axles.
What's Included
  • One (1) Dana 60 Truss

    Customer Reviews

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    Fits well, easy to weld up, 10/10 will smash.

    Not impressed

    I purchased a truss. Waited a few weeks then emailed someone asking for an update they told me it was 3-4 weeks out so I canceled the order they told me they sent me a check . So then the truss shows up...not a I went to see how the fit ment was compared to the one I bought from a different company when I canceled the order and ballistic bent there’s backwards.... so they sent me a return label I printed it and boxed it back up and had it ready to ship then they said oh just keep it it’s scrap anyways. So now I’m 2 months behind on my project.... I did finally get a check but still no apology... even tho I have had great business with them in the past I think I will shop elsewhere

    Ford HP Dana 60 truss

    Welded this truss to my diff last weekend. It fit great, looks great and is plenty beefy. Three linked Commando, here we come.

    Some grinding necessary, beefy product

    Was delivered slightly bent, which was aesthetically displeasing, but overall the product worked. This product could use some fine tuning regarding the sections of truss that contact the axletubes. There was too much material by roughly 3/16". Welding instructions would be a big plus for the truss-newbies out there.

    What axle specifically are you using? I'don't love to work with you to improve and fitment or quality issues that you have encountered!