Dana 44 Inner Knuckle Gusset Set (Inner C's)

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    Dana 44 Inner Knuckle Gusset Set
    Beef Up Your Dana44!

    The Dana 44 under your Jeep Wrangler or Solid Axle Swap is a stout axle. Add extra strength to the weakest part. Ensure a tough, reliable axle for many miles. Gusset set for reinforcing Dana 44 knuckle's (inner C's).

    May require clearancing in some applications. Wranglers may require clearancing around coil mounts.Engineered using full width Dana 44 found under fullsize Jeep Wagoneers, IH Scouts, and some Ford and GM Trucks. Due to variations between years and vehicle models, may require clearancing and modification to fit.

    Includes two gussets for upper C and two gussets for lower C. Made from 1/8" steel.

    What's Included
    Two (2) Upper Gussets
    Two (2) Lower Gussets