D60 High Steer Kit for Kingpin Axles

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Dana 60 High Steer Kit For Kingpin Axles
Better Design, Better Clearance
After market bronze bushings require trimming to fit. 
Most modern solid axle equipped trucks and Jeeps are equipped with crossover steering. If you have a lifted Jeep or truck, or do any off roading, you should strongly consider adding a Ballistic Fabrication high steer kit to your vehicle.  When you lift a solid axle vehicle the alignment of the crossover steering components change, sometimes to drastic angles depending upon the amount of lift added. When the axle flexes to it's limits steering components like ball joints and tie rod ends can fail due to the extreme angles.

By adding a Ballistic Fabrication Dana 60 high steer kit to your kingpin equipped Dana 60 axle will move your steering components up and bring the crossover steering system closer to factory alignment.  In addition, by moving the steering components up you will gain much needed clearance that moves the steering out of the way of obstacles on the trail.

Ballistic's Dana 60 kingpin high steer arms are fully CNC machined and offer 10 degrees of tie rod angle correction which greatly increases the life of ball joints.  In addition, Ballistic's innovative set screw design eliminates the need for the kingpin spring.  The arms are also machined with a 5th hole for Reid Racing knuckled and have a 7/8"-18 taper for use with Chevy 3/4 ton tie rod ends.  We offer an option for a 3/4" hole for use with larger hardware.

Order today to eliminate potential steering problems or failures with your Dana 60 kingpin equipped truck or jeep!

What's Included
The Ballistic Full Dana 60 kingpin high steer kit comes with the following:
  • Two (2) CNC machined high steer arms with 10 degree tie rod end angle correction and set-screw design.
  • Eight (8) Studs and Nuts
  • Associated hardware (hardware not included for 5th hole)

Customer Reviews

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Great only one issue

The only issue I had was small and kinda inconvenient. I wish they came with 10 studs and bolts instead of 8. I didn’t see it was only 8 but I could have over looked it other than that they fit amazing and r beefy as hell over I love them

Very solid and well built product.

Great product, only reason for a 4 star is the wait time to receive the arms. It took almost 2 months from the time I ordered them to get them to my door.


D60 High Steer Kit for Kingpin Axles

Dan 60 High Steer Kit

These are awesome! Can't go wrong with these! They have taken a beating and keep working great. Thanks!

Dana 60 hi steer