Ballistic Smooth-Body Emulsion Shock

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  • The Ballistic Smooth-Body emulsion shock is designed to be the highest quality aftermarket shock absorber on the market bar none!  The Ballistic smooth body shocks are ideal for pre-runners, buggies, and other off-road vehicles. The Ballistic Smooth-body shocks are constructed from only the highest quality materials available and are manufactured on state of the art machining centers to exacting tolerances. These shocks feature a 7/8" nitro-coated shaft for strength and durability.

    • 7/8" thick shaft for higher strength
    • Rubber bump stop to help absorb hard hits
    • Electroless nickel plated for years of use and no discoloration.
    • Aerospace grade "nitro coat" heavy duty shaft to extend seal life and performance
    • Lightweight aluminum body construction
    • High quality spherical rod ends with 303 stainless steel spacers