Ballistic Odyssey 65-PC1750 Battery Box

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    Ballistic Odyssey 65-PC1750 Battery Box
    Secure Your Battery the Right Way
    The Ballistic Odyssey 65-PC1750 Battery Box is perfect for safely mounting your Battery. Cut from 1/8" steel on our in-house laser and bent on our in-house press brake, this battery box will add some style to your battery without breaking the bank. This box not only clamps over the top to secure the battery but also includes side tabs which prevent the battery from moving side-to-side. This battery box includes Pemnuts pre-installed as well as hardware.  It does not include the hardware required to mount it to your vehicle.
    Whats Included
    • Unpainted Battery Box
    • Pem Nuts with Hardware

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Won't work with group 65 battery.

    I bought this from Ballistic Fabrication and there's no chance of it working with my AGM 65 battery. The length is fine, but the box is 1/4" narrower than the top of the battery. I contacted ballistic about it and got no response. Waste of money! Now I'm stuck with a useless hunk of metal!

    Battery won't fit

    This box is made for a special group65 battery. A normal one will not fit. I will have to either buy a 300 battery or change to a group 48. The box is well made but only 7 1/8" wide instead of 7 1/2

    offroad enthusiast

    Excellent battery boxes. Well constructed, tight fit but excellent for offload need. Excited to get them mounted and try them on the trail

    Ballistic Odyssey 65-PC1750 Battery Box

    Great folks up there at Ballistic Fab, I didn't have an Odyssey Battery, wanted to use the new AGM size 65 from Advance Auto. Contacted Ballistic and they gave me the measurements so I could check against the battery. Battery fit good and tight, I did remove the strap. Mounted a 300A breaker on the side of the box and it's looking good in the trunk of my 66 Mustang.