Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing 2.63 in

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    100% machined in the USA using
    domestic and foreign materials
    The 2.63" Forged Chromoly Ballistic Poly Bushing is made to be the ultimate in durability and ease of use. 100% machined in the USA and forged from solid 4140 steel, the forging is then quenched, tempered and normalized in a dedicated heat treating facility providing a yield strength of 208,000 psi and a tensile strength of 238,000 psi! Finish machining is performed after heat treat to ensure a perfect fit. All forged joints are clear "silver" zinc coated.
    The thermoset molded polyurethane bushing is designed and produced direct from Prothane Industries for ultimate in vibration dampening control. Perfect for linkages on street driven vehicles and daily drivers where discomfort due to road vibration is more undesirable. They also work perfectly in combination with our Ballistic Joints for the highest overall performance and comfort.
    The 2.63" mounting width perfectly matches most of our brackets intended to be used with our 2.63" Ballistic Joints.
    This joint is designed for rotation only along the bolt axis. If your suspension requires this joint to rotate more than 5 degrees side-to-side you should consider our 2.63" Ballistic Joint.
    What's Included
    • One(1) Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing
    Other Options
    • Bolt Hole Size: 9/16", 5/8", 3/4"
    • Thread Size: 7/8"-14tpi, 1.0"-14tpi, 1.25"-12tpi
    • Thread Direction: Right Hand, Left Hand

    Customer Reviews

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    Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing 2.63 in


    Ballistic Forged Poly Bushing 2.63 in

    Heavy Duty

    These are heavy duty, high quality components! In comparison to what's on my Peterbilt, the Jeep should be able to handle an avalanche with no problems! These items will be the defining standard for future projects.

    Bulletproof quality parts & great CS thank you

    I ordered these poly bushings for my Tundra and they were more than what I was exspecting. I felt confident these would definitely hold up for what I will use them for. Thanks so much for the awesome parts and customer service. I will definitely be returning for more!

    Great quality and fast shipping

    I made several orders over a week period and all orders were shipped out the next day. Ballistics fabs quality has always been the best in the business.