Ballistic Bypass Shock

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  • Ballistic Bypass Shock


    Tried and true, these shocks have proven to be simply the best!  With years of racing and recreational use, Ballistic Shocks are available to EVERYONE looking for the ultimate in suspension control. 

    The Ballistic Bypass shock is built for the user who needs the best in performance and control. Multiple shock bypass tube configurations are available for fine tuning your suspension to match flawlessly according to your driving style. These shocks are built from the only the finest materials available on state of the art machines, the Ballistic Bypass shock will deliver winning results EVERY time!


    When ordering 4 tube Bypass shocks be aware that only 12"-18" lengths are available, with 4 bypass tubes. Custom lengths up to 26" available by custom order.


    • Features a LARGER 2.125" Body with 1.375" shaft to handle heavier loads 
    • Aerospace grade "nitro coat" heavy duty shaft to extend seal life and performance
    • Lightweight aluminum body construction
    • High quality spherical rod ends with 303 stainless steel spacers
    • No need for springs or extra shocks
    What's Included
    • One (1) Ballistic Bypass Shock
    • 2, 3, or 4 Bypass Tubes
    • 2.5", 3.0", or 4.0" Shock Diameter
    • 8"- 18" Travel Shocks In Stock CALL FOR CUSTOM ORDERS UP TO 26"