Ballistic Air Shock

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Ballistic Air Shock


Tried and true, these shocks have proven to be simply the best!  With years of racing and recreational use, Ballistic Shocks are available to EVERYONE looking for the ultimate in suspension control. 

The Ballistic Air Shock is designed to support the weight of your vehicle and provide the dampening of a conventional shock absorber. This is ideal for light to medium weight vehicles, and provides a non-linear shock rate to help avoid bottoming out.

The Ballistic Air Shock is constructed from the highest quality materials available and is manufactured on state of the art machining centers to exacting tolerances.


  • 2.125" air shock max weight capacity is 600 lbs of sprung corner weight
  • 2.5" air shocks can carry additional weight as heavy as 900 lbs of sprung corner weight
  • 2.125" shocks feature a 1.375" shaft
  •  2.5" body features a 1.5" Shaft
  • Aerospace grade "nitro coat" heavy duty shaft to extend seal life and performance
  • Lightweight aluminum body construction
  • High quality spherical rod ends with 303 stainless steel spacers
  • No need for springs or extra shocks
What's Included
  • One (1) Ballistic Air Shock
  • 2.125" or 2.5" Shock Diameter
  • 12", 14", 16", or 18" Shock Travel


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Ballistic Air Shock