Adjustable Coil Buckets (Pair)

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Adjustable Coil Buckets
Fine Tune Your Suspension Needs
Engineered for Solid Axle Swaps or those needing to Fine Tune their custom suspension. Adjustable coil bucket for coils up to 5.75" wide and now available up to 7.00" wide coil option. Allows for up to 5" of vertical adjustment. Cut from 1/4" plate steel. Holes drilled for .5" bolts (not included). For use with 5.5" wide Jeep TJ springs and an option for 7.00" coils. Includes One (1) Pair of Un-Welded Brackets.
PLEASE NOTE: The "L" brackets require WELDING to the frame. 
What's Included
  • Two (2) Coil Mounting Surface Plates
  • Four (4) Fixed Side Pieces for Boxed Frame
  • Four (4) Adjustable Side Pieces
  • Two (2) Coil Spring Retainer
  • Eight (8) 1/2-13 x 1.5'' Bolts

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      Dan H. (Fargo, US)
      Awesome Product

      Just opened the box and I was already impressed. Quality of packaging alone says a ton about this company. I am using these coil buckets to do a torsion bar delete on my 2500 Chevy. I’m an old machinist and these saved me lots of time and energy. The close spacing of the adjustment holes allows for keeping the bucket flat on an angled frame. Well thought out. Next time I need ANY fab parts, I will look here first.

      Why thank you Dan, we appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback on the coil buckets. Our shipper does quite a job on packaging. Looking forward to having you back, enjoy the ride and take it easy.

      Michael E. (Milliken, US)
      Coil over buckets

      First class design and manufacturing very easy to install with welding experience. The design allows for adjustability’s for your vehicle frame design.

      Made my install very quick and easy.

      Happy to hear you loved it!! We are stoked to get the positive feedback, makes all the hard work worth while. Have a good one!!

      Jeffrey R. (St. Petersburg, US)
      Coil buckets

      Would never have purchased them if I knew they weren't completely assembled and powder coated like their picture shows..
      I could have made them myself for much less. I mean A Huge amount less!!
      Falsely Advertised

      Todd B. (Kensett, US)
      YJ Build

      The buckets are made very well, easy to put together. I have not mounted them to the frame yet, the adjustable feature allows you to set the ride height where you want it, a big plus if you want to change tire size, add a winch or take weight off, ride height can stay the same with a simple adjustment of the bucket

      Scott S. (Denver, US)
      Great for my SAS

      I used these for my sas s10. So far I like the adjustability. I have some clearance issues on the top of my frame so I mounted the L bracket upside down to hook the bottom of the frame. Also I figured this would provide more load bearing.