AAM 9.25 Differential Cover

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    AAM 9.25 Differential Cover
    Welded 3/8" Steel

    AAM 9.25 Differential Cover made from 1/4" steel. CNC Laser cut and CNC Press formed 8 times from one piece. The ultra thick 3/8" flange resists pulling off of the sealing surface while dragging the differential. Threaded fill plug already welded in place. Includes weld on skull logo and Grade 8 hardware. Differential ring and seams come welded and machined flat for a great fit.

     As shown in print below, the cover protrudes 3.375" from the face of the differential once installed.

    Great Value Even Better Protection!

    Differential covers are larger than the stock cover so please be sure to measure for clearance prior to ordering.


    What's Included
    • One (1) Differential Cover 1/4" Steel Plate With 3/8" Thick Ring
    • All Necessary Installation Hardware