2.0" Ballistic Joint

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    2.0" Heavy Duty Weldable Ballistic Joint
    Strongest Joint On The Market!
    The 2.0" Heavy Duty Ballistic Joint is manufactured to be the ultimate in durability and ease of use. Using Nylatron GS races with 303 stainless steel bearings, these joints are smooth, long lasting and quiet.
    The 2.0" Ballistic Joint uses no snap rings to retain the races, instead the housing is machined from an oversized piece of billet steel which adds a much greater resistance to splitting. The opposite side uses a threaded spanner nut and set screw. Any play that might develop over time can be removed by adjusting the spanner nut.
     Designed to be a drop-in replacement for upper control arms on TJ / XJ jeeps using the 1/2" bore. The Ballistic Joint is fully rebuildable and is the strongest joint on the market of it's kind.
    Offers 33 degrees total misalignment with a 1/2" ball.