10.25 / 10.5 Sterling Truss

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    10.5" Sterling Rear Axle Truss
    The One Ton Sterling Bolt Truss System


    This truss system is designed for 4-link capability on a rear one ton Sterling axles. It serves as a link mount system for a 4 link, as well as greatly strengthens the housing. Take the strength to the next level and add a Ballistic Shave Kit with an integrated truss mount!


    The Ballistic Fabrication Sterling Truss is made from 1/4" and 3/8" A36 steel plate and offers amazing protection for your axle!  Don’t get caught on a rock without one! 


    Features and Benefits

    • 1/4" and 3/8" internal gussets with a close tolerance profile on the main gusset so that it can be easily welded.
    • Add a 3/8" thick diff cover with integration bridge for protection against rocks as well as strengthen the overall system.
    • Upgrade to a full blown Shave kit / Truss system for the ultimate in strength.
    • Includes ALL hardware for tie-ins
    • Includes 2.63" width brackets for Ballistic joints with 9/16" bore or equivalent
    • Truss / Diff Cover Tie-in can be easily removed during fabrication process if not desired

    Truss is shipped non-assembled and is not welded. 


    Customer Reviews

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    10.25 truss

    Built great but had to cut over an inch off both sides to get it to fit

    What is the application? Leaf sprung? Mind sharing a pic for others refere?