A Quick History and Commitment to Excellence

Highest Quality - Best Service - Fastest Shipping

No matter where you go, it seems like we pick between amazing quality, outstanding customer service or great price. When a company can offer all three, everybody wins! We've made some pretty big changes here at Ballistic Fabrication and we're excited to be able to confidently say that we've nailed all three. 

A Quick Ballistic History Lesson : Our Journey to 2017

If you've followed us for more that a few years... or even since we opened in 2005, you may know that we experienced some pretty major growing pains a few years back when our sales nearly tripled over the course of one year.

Real talk... We were in over our heads. We fell behind on our orders and people quickly noticed. It came down to figuring out how to manage the massive growth or succumb to our own success. It was either fight or get out of the way.

Identifying the Problem: Commitment to Efficiency 

Fast forward to 2016. We decided that the only way to give the customers the absolute best in product quality, fast shipping and customer service was to raise our prices. The following time allowed us to truly focus on refining our processes and give our customers the best experience that we could.

Over the following months we basically started over. We began by gutting every single system to start fresh, using only the latest cloud computing systems with the goal to automate the entire order fulfillment process. Within twelve months we were able to launch a new intuitive website with live inventory tracking, streamline our shipping system and integrate a customer service ticket system... all dynamically integrated with one another for seamless communication.

Overcoming the Odds: Leveraging Technology 

Our customers were receiving their packages quickly and customer satisfaction was at an all time high, but something was still missing. Using the latest in manufacturing and design systems such as dynamic machine tool-path strategies and advanced production planning software, we were able to realize a net cost savings of 36%. Machine time began to free up as we increased our efficiency as costs continued to drop. 

That brings us to today. We're excited to announce that we have significantly reduced the price on a whopping 685 products, which comprises 90% of our product line. It is our goal to not only be the best in quality, innovation and customer service, but reign in that last piece of the puzzle.

Putting it to the test: The Customer Experience

We've had some time to prove out the changes we've made, and the results speak for themselves.

Some of our latest achievements include -

Of course none of this would have been possible without YOU, our loyal customer. We would like to extend an additional 10% off all orders ON TOP of the price drop as our way of saying thank you.

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Jeff Bullock 
President / Founder