3.0 in Forged Ultra Duty Ballistic Joint

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3.0" Forged Ultra Duty Ballistic Joint
The Only Joint on the Market with a Lifetime Warranty
100% Machined in the U.S.
using Domestic and Imported Materials
Joint comes fully assembled
  • 4140 Hardened Chromoly Housing and Spanner Nut
  • Hardened 416 Stainless Steel Ball
  • Polyurethane Races manufactured by Prothane
  • Adjustable Spanner nut to tighten in case of wear
The Massive 3.0" rebuildable Ultra Duty Ballistic Joint is built to withstand extreme punishment!  Its extra large 3/4" bore (bolt hole) is large enough to handle heavy torque while the huge 3.0" diameter, .485" wall (nearly 1/2" thick!) housing accommodates 34 degrees of total misalignment.
The giant 2" hardened Stainless Steel ball distributes the forces over a larger surface area which translates into a better ride and longer life as well as superior strength and durability.
Our entire line of 3.0" Ballistic Joints feature thermoset cast Polyurethane races built exclusively to our specs from Prothane. These races won't deform under load and provide a smooth bearing surface for a noise free ride. These Ballistic Joints are fully greaseable and rebuildable. 
What's Included
Assembled 3.0" Forged Ultra Duty Ballistic Joint
    Warranty Information
    Lifetime Warranty on all shank housings against breakage.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty on thermoset races with one free replacement.
    After first use we highly recommend readjusting spanner nuts. We also recommend using blue Loctite on the set screw after adjustment.

    Customer Reviews

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    Beefy but could be improved I think

    So the joints are super beefy and the machine work is very nice. I do wish the threaded shank was longer for more adjustment, I know this could be solved by the weld on flavor joint but the forged joint is spec’d beefier and I don’t have to worry about warping. I’m sure from a financial standpoint it doesn’t make sense to add more shank but this is my honest opinion on it. Also, if I’m gonna drop $200 on a pair of joints, a sticker would have been nice...... just saying. It’s not a secret that car/truck people loves stickers. Otherwise great product.

    3.0 Ballistic joint

    These things are the cockroach of any heim/ballistic joint. These things will withstand whatever you can throw at them and can be rebuilt. Would highly recommend these things

    Forged 3.0 ballistic joint

    They were very professional and met my expectation .i had seen some bad reviews but did not have that exsperience

    Bad Ass Joints

    Super impressed with the quality and most importantly the customer service Ballistic has given me. Top notch quality and performance from a great company. Thank you guys!!
    I'll be ordering more joints from you guys next week .

    Ballistic 3” joints

    The quality has surpassed what I expected and these guys are beefy.