Dana 60 Double Shear Modular High Steer Arms REV 2.0

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Our part# HSA-612 Dana 60 Kingpin bronze bushings fit nice with these arms.

These are not your ordinary high steer arms. We have created the absolute end-all of Dana 60 Kingpin high steer arms. Meticulously CNC machined in house, these arms have been designed for the ultimate in strength, versatility and aesthetics. They might not be the cheapest solution, but we're confident that they are the best.

Please note that these arms tie rod tie in bolt will not bolt on Factory Ford Kingpin knuckles, the arm will still bolt onto the knuckle but with only the 4 studs. We recommend "Solid" or "Reid" knuckles as they have moved the tie rod mount lower to match the Chevy/Dodge configuration and you can use all 6 studs plus tie in point. If not replacing knuckles, we recommend purchasing our D60 High Steer Kit for Kingpin axles part# HSA-601. 

  • Modular in design, meaning that you can upgrade to double shear at any time
  • 10 degree kingpin inclination correction now integrated (V2.0 vs V1.0) to alleviate binding of the drag link rod end in cross over steering applications
  • Factory steering arm integration with Tie-in tube and 8.5" Grade 8 bolt included, hole is drilled already unlike most competitors
  • Stainless Steel High misalignment spacers integrate into counter bores and are double-captured when in double-shear application
  • Double Shear upper arms 'keyed' into lower body
  • 4, 5 and 6 knuckle stud compatibility
  • Crane and Solid Axle compatible with 7/8" key-way, slight modification may need to be performed on keys to fit rounded profile of slots on the bottom of the arm
  • Zinc Plated bodies for corrosion resistance and great looks
  • Spring-less kingpin design


What's Included in FULL KIT - 

  • 2 Base arms and 2 upper arms
  • 6 High misalignment spacers for use with 7/8" rod ends with 7/8" bearing
  • Nylon Kingpin bushings (2)
  • Kingpin washer (2)
  • Kingpin pre-load set screw and jam nut (2 ea)
  • 1/2-20 Gr 8 socket cap screw for mounting upper arm to base arm
  • 3/4-11 Gr 8 Bolt, nut and split washer for mounting rod ends (3 ea)
  • 3/4-11 Gr 8 Bolt 8.5" long Bolt and 6.375" .250" thick DOM tubing for factory steering tie in INCLUDED (2) All kits include this provision
  • XM-14 Rod ends NOT INCLUDED

    Customer Reviews

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    George W. (Long Beach, US)
    Amazing part heavy duty

    Just the part we needed to complete our customers build. As usual great product from Ballistic !

    Rob B.

    Looks well made

    Paul E. (Lahaina, US)
    Steering arm beef

    This things are a work of art. Beautifully engineered and put together. It comes as very complete product.

    Mike A.K.I.S.O. (Goodyear, US)
    Holy Crap! Way Better Than...

    I grabbed these on the Black Friday sale. I didn’t read the entire description. I was very happy and surprised to see it came with everything that it did. The quality is top notch and the fact all
    The bolts and tube and nuts so much time saved. Worth every penny. Perfect transaction and package nicely! Thank you for a great product!

    Angelo A.

    These things are AWESOME!!!