Nissan C200 Diff Cover

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 Xterra C200 Differential Cover

Welded 3/8" Steel

Xterra c200 Differential Cover. CNC Laser cut and CNC Press formed 8 times from one piece. The ultra thick 3/8" flange resists pulling off of the sealing surface while dragging the differential, while the 1/4" body resists denting even during the most abusive circumstances. Includes weld on skull logo, welded fill plug and  two sets of metric Grade 8 hardware. Welded and Machined flat.


To identify weather your Nissan truck has a C200 or an M226 ( Dana 44 variant) differential, check your door tag for these marks - 

 CA = C200k, 31 is a 3.13:1 ratio (AT, X model)

 CC = M226; 33 is 3.36:1, 35 is 3.54:1 and 36 is 3.69:1


If you have an automatic transmission, the rear end will be a C200 with a 3.13:1 ratio ... if you have a manual trans, it will be an M226 (Dana D44 variant) with either a 3.54:1 or 3.69:1 ratio (depending on year)

 We offer the M226 here

Fits Nissan Frontier and Xterra

What's Included
  • One (1) Differential Cover 3/8" Steel Plate
  • Hardware - We include two sets of hardware M10 x 1.5 x 25mm and M10 x 1.25 x 25mm, use which ever size fits your axle


Customer Reviews

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Ethan W. (Idaho Falls, US)

Costumer service is as solid as their product. Only things you gotta do are attach a bracket for your brake line, and powder coat it.

David F. (North Branford, US)
Looks great ( 2010 Xterra C200 )

This was very easy to install, once the old cover was off it only takes like 10 min to get it put on and torqued correctly. There is a factory brake line that you have to un bolt from the factory cover, the new cover dosnt have a mounting bracket for the line so just put a little liquid gasket on top and lay the brake line bracket in the gasket so it's held down, I think some people just leave it bouncing around, it probably won't matter.

robert v. (Kearny, US)

Nissan C200 Diff Cover

Logan C. (Cromwell, US)

The customer service from this company was excellent and extremely professional. The product was very well made and the welds on my diff cover are spot on perfection. Highly recommend them.

michael g. (Colorado Springs, US)
Rocks Beware

Absolutely great product and even better seller. These guys called me to say it would be sometime before there would be another production run on my part. And that they had a display they would ship to me if I wanted. Well, it showed up, I installed it, and I'm very happy. Now I hope the vehicle holds up to the cover.