Discounted product - Blems - Obsolete Inventory

Here you'll find product that we are selling at a discount for the possible reasons listed below - 

- Blem - Item are blemished. The extent and actual problem will be detailed in the paragraph. We will give our opinion of how to repair the part in most cases, which should give you an idea if this product is right for you and your capabilities / willingness to save a few bucks

- Obsolete - Product revision has been superseded by newer revision. eBay will not allow us to directly place a link to our website but you can find the newer version by searching in toolbar above. These will not be made again and have been replaced by new revision.

- Over Runs - These are parts that we made custom for another shop or person and we ended up with extras that the customer no longer wants.

-Clearance - We're just overstocked and the shelves are breaking