Ballistic 34/78 Die Hard/Odyssey DT Battery Box

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Ballistic 34/78 Die Hard/Odyssey DT Battery Box
Secure Your Battery the Right Way
The Ballistic Die Hard/Odyssey Battery Box is perfect for safely mounting your Die Hard, Duralast, or Durastart Battery. It is cut from 1/8" steel on our in-house laser and bent on our in-house press brake. This battery box will add some style to your battery without breaking the bank. The four tabs and six holes on the bottom allow for mounting in any position. We have also made it possible to keep the battery handle installed for easy removal. This battery box includes Pemnuts pre-installed as well as hardware.  It does not include the hardware required to mount it to your vehicle.
Painting or powdercoating required. Battery not included.
Whats Included
  • Unpainted Battery Box
  • Pemnuts with Hardware
Additional Options
  • Choose from DieHard/Odyssey or Duralast/Durastart depending on what battery you have.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jacob C. (Phoenix, US)
Battery box

Fast delivery, great quality, and always helpful when I have either been in store, or have to call. Can always count on them

Derrick O. (Alabaster, US)
Top notch box

Top notch battery box, comes with hardware and is bent and welded perfectly

Glad you liked the battery box!! We appreciate you taking the time to give a review. Come on back when you need your next dif cover or steering kit :)

TERRY F. (Fallon, US)

Great product

Alex L. (Albuquerque, US)

Ballistic 34/78 Die Hard/Odyssey DT Battery Box

Harry C. (Charlotte, US)
Good, but not quite great.

There are plenty of nice things to say about this battery box, so it’s best to start there:
-Solidly designed & executed
-Simple to mount
-Keeps battery secure
-Looks great, especially when painted black (really like the Ballistic Fab logo)
-Fair price; in line with similar single 34/78 battery boxes

There is a single negative thing that I need to mention, though:
The design of the lid where one side is secured with tabs is a royal pain in the ass to use. It really seems like an elegant solution on paper (using fewer hardware bits is generally a positive thing in my book), but I can’t say that it was an easy process to get the lid secured to the rest of the box.
For reference, I have a Die Hard AGM battery, so perhaps an Odyssey 34 or 34/78 would fit slightly better (though my understanding is that they’re the same on paper)?
I’m sure it could also just be user error (sometimes I can be an idiot) or a slight deviation in dimensions from bending the sheet steel, because I don’t see anyone else with the same complaint. But my takeaway after struggling for a few minutes to get the lid on initially was that it should be easier (and would be if both sides used screws and press-fit nuts).
I ended up machining some square nuts on the mill that fit into the tab slots from the outside and attached to the tabs on the lid with screws. It was quick, simple, and didn’t require any permanent alterations to the lid that impacted the original design (I did slot the tabs for said screws, but the overall form was retained).

To end on a positive note, the entire order process itself was smooth and the box showed up in a reasonable amount of time. Confirmation & tracking emails were accurate and exactly what one expects when ordering online. Good vendor overall.