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From desert race trucks and competition rock crawlers to your daily driver, shocks play a pivotal role in how the vehicle handles and performs. When it comes time to choose the shocks for your next project don't compromise on run of the mill shocks. Ballistic Fabrication offers some of the top performing shocks on the market.

Customers will sometimes ask us why our shocks are more expensive than other brands of shocks when they all look the same.  Because our customers put their trucks through the most extreme challenges we want to make sure that we offer only the best quality products.

What makes buying shocks particularly difficult is that they all look pretty much, the same.  It's what's going on inside the shock that differentiates shocks from one another.  For example, one of the worst failures for a shock is having a shaft fail.  While the shaft often looks alike on various brands of shocks, they can be very different.  One brand may offer only a single hardened shaft that will snap under extreme stress causing the wheel to deflect violently and possibly even come off completely.  A more expensive shock, like the Ballistic shock, while it looks the same, will under same conditions only bend and not snap allowing the driver to maintain some control over the vehicle.  This is one of several examples that differentiate a true race shock from a performance shock. 

Compare the Ballistic race shocks to other competing performance series shocks:



Other manufacturers

What it means

Reservoir material

Hard coat anodized ACQ aluminum with threaded cap

Hard anodized 6063 aluminum with c-clip cap

A threaded cap insures a secure and tight seal without worry of contamination when removing the cap

Cap material

6061 T6 aluminum with large spherical bearing

6061 T6 aluminum with spherical bearing

Larger spherical bearing which allows for use of stronger hardware

Reservoir hose material

Tough cover large diameter 2 wire high pressure with O-ring seal

Standard high pressure

Stronger hose material with larger diameter for more gas flow with an O-ring seal instead of tape or pipe dope seal

Seal materials



Shock piston sealing to much higher temperatures

Heim spacer material

Larger surface area billet 303 stainless steel

Cadmium plated steel

303 does not corrode over time like plated steel and the larger surface area allows for forces to spread over a wider area

Valve shim material

Heat treaded spring steel

Heat treated stainless alloy

Spring steel has a much higher yield strength insuring that the valve shims will not deform or break under high stress

Shock shaft

Double hard chromed with 6 RA finish

Hard chromed with 6 RA finish

Twice the thickness of chrome makes the shaft much less prone to catastrophic failure

Shock piston

7075 T6 Hard Anodized aluminum

6061 T6 aluminum

Hard coat anodized is 38,000 more tensile strength

Rod end

6061 T6 aluminum with large spherical bearing and long body

6061 T6 aluminum

Larger spherical bearing allows for use of larger diameter hardware and long body offers more thread engagement resulting in a stronger connection between the end and the shock

Coil slider

1 piece billet Nylatron

2 piece composite

Single piece CNC Nylatron design offers much higher strength and resistance to breakage than a composite 2 piece design.

Bump stop material



Urethane offers greater longevity and resistance to failure than rubber


While standard performance shocks will serve some people very well, it is for those customers that require uncompromising performance and reliability that we offer our Ballistic race shocks.  We have had more than one customer buy an economy product only to regret the purchase after a failure and wish they had spent a little more and done it right the first time.

Ballistic shocks are built to order for your particular combination.  Every vehicle is different so we want to make sure that the shock you receive is set up for your vehicle.

If you want only the best for your truck, rock crawler, or off road racer then the Ballistic race series shock is the shock you need!  Give us a call today to get more information or to place your order!